Welcome to the Inaugural African Youth in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Competition 

A pivotal platform dedicated to nurturing, discovering and empowering Africa's youth in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, fostering a globally competitive professional ecosystem that drives investment in socio-economic development to ensure Africa’s sustainable and inclusive growth through technological advancements. Join us as we amplify the voices of the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers in a manner that will inclusively propel Africa into the 4th and 5th industrial revolution.

2024 Registration and Submissions Closed

We are absolutely EXCITED  to announce that the registration process for the Inaugural African Youth in AI and Robotics Competition 2024 is CLOSED with 1008 competitive entries. Watch this space for future updates on the adjudication and final ceremony.

1008 Competitors, 1008 Amazing AI and Robotics Solutions from Africa by African youth

We are please to announce that we
have received 1008 Competitive Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Solutions from across all regions in the African Continent. We are excited about the prospects this competition holds and it's potential contribution to empowering the African youth and Africa’s sustainable development. As we wait for the adjudication process find out more about our amazing innovation hub that will incubate all of our finalists!

55 Countries

The inaugural African Youth in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics  competition is open to all African Union (AU)  Member States. The AU is made up of 55 Member States which represent all the countries on the African continent. The Competition features 10 categories covering some of the most crucial sectors in Africa's development along with a Prestigious Presidential award.

Final Ceremony

In partnership with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Inaugural African Youth in AI and Robotics Competition final showcase and ceremony will be hosted within the 8th edition of the African Union themed Tanzania ICT Conference (TAIC) set to take place from the 13th - 17th of October 2024.

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